Chiara I. Tedone is the co-founder and CEO of TricaGenix: official global retailer of the well-known Deanna Protocol brand. TricaGenix is focused on developing scientifically proven nutraceutical solutions for individuals with neurological diseases. Chiara is also co-author of the book “Deanna Protocol: Hope for ALS,” which she authored with her father Dr. Vincent Tedone. Chiara co-founded of Winning the Fight Against Neurodegenerative Diseases (WFND) in 2010: an all-volunteer non-profit focused on funding scientific research for nutraceutical solutions for neurodegenerative diseases.

Outside of her work in the neurodegenerative disease community, Chiara is also co-owner of a long-standing residential real estate company in Florida. Prior to starting TricaGenix, Chiara built a career driving record-breaking growth for companies of all sizes in seven different industries, through digital lead generation and agile project management. She authored 18 articles on branding and lead generation, which were published in professional marketing magazines and journals. In earlier years, she worked for the U.S. Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. There, she earned six awards and multiple formal accolades for outstanding service to her country and authored over 60 professional publications concerning national defense and terrorism.

Her career took a swift turn away from national defense and toward neurodegenerative disease advocacy, nonprofit management and business after her 31-yr-old sister Deanna was diagnosed with ALS (the most aggressive neurodegenerative disease) and was given less than three years to live. Today, she remains a passionate advocate for the rights of individuals with neurodegenerative diseases and a volunteer for WFND, the non-profit she co-founded.

Outside of these roles, she is also a member of the Consumer Health Summit group of leaders and entrepreneurs and the American Holistic Health Association. Chiara is also known for her involvement in the American Marketing Association, where she was selected as a subject matter expert author and wrote over 20 published articles on marketing and digital revenue generation: her area of expertise. She is currently also a member of Mensa Society and Intertel. Chiara graduated at the top of her class with a B.A. in international relations and Spanish, from American University (Washington, D.C.), in 2007. She also graduated at the top of her class with a three-year M.B.A. and specialty in digital revenue generation and marketing, from University of South Florida (Tampa, FL).

In her spare time, Chiara takes a special interest in studying biochemistry, astrophysics and psychology. Her hobbies include SCUBA diving, a variety of other water sports, obstacle racing, exercising, traveling and drawing. She also sings opera and classical music. She is also passionately involved in animal rescue, rehoming, and TNR efforts for domestic and wild animals.

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